Saturday, January 1, 2011

~Our Farm ~

Right now our farm consist of three horses, one Arabian (B), one Appolosa (Bandit), and one pinto pony (Duck). Two Scottish Highland cattle, our family milk cow (Myra) and her calf (Carmel) with one on the way, we think! Two cats, one we found in the barn (Tinker Bell) and one we got from another farm (Tiger Lily). One Blue Heeler/Catahooi mix cattle dog (Roscoe). At last count we have about 45 chickens and 12 ducks.
We are hoping to add another milk cow in the near future, a Jersey and some more Scottish Highlanders. We would also like to add at least one milk goat (I have a friend that would be over the moon) and some Icelandic Sheep along with another breed that would have wool qualities better suited for homemade wool diaper covers and leggies.

My husband has turned into the crazy poultry man so the chances of adding geese and turkeys to the mix is highly likely. We managed to plant four apricot trees and four cherries last spring, fingers crossed that they will come up again this spring. We had to replant last spring because they didn't make it through the winter. We would like to add a Belgian Fence of apples, maybe even pears, peaches, and plums. I have access to grapes so the urge to plant those isn't has high but they do take awhile to get going to the sooner I started them the better. We are looking at planting a u-pick patch of aspargus, strawberries, rhubarb, raspberries, and cranberries. We have new fences to put up, a barn to repair, a huge garden to plant (would love to be at the farmers market and sell produce at a price people can afford), starting medicinal herb patches and a million other ideas brewing in my head. I get butterflies just thinking about it, both from the excitment to see things get done and the incredible work load it entails.
I am living my dream and I feel very blessed to start out 2011 with such an incredible vision. What are your dreams, goals, aspirations for the coming year? Shared at: Monday Mania Tuesday Twister


  1. I am envious of you! That is sooo exciting!! I have big goals for this year too, and I am off to a good start! If I am ever in your neck of the woods I would LOVE to come visit your farm! I've never seen a REAL farm in action. So excited to follow your blog/facebook and see where you go ;)

  2. I found you on Amy Langerquist's blog and just wanted to comment on the Highland milk cow. I have one too!! Her name is Bonnie and her first calf, born April 14, 10 is a bull named Cody. She is bred for a June 2011 calf.

  3. Cool! I love our Highlander, she is so mellow and such a sweetheart. She was bred before we got her so that is why she is calving in the middle of winter.