Monday, January 25, 2010

~ The Fleece Pull-up Cover ~

I use Katrina's Sew Quick Soaker Pattern, found here, and I absolutely love it! She also has a pattern for longies, how to add elastic to the legs at Sew*Chic Mama, a cute circle skirt if you have a little girl, and a few other ways to adjust your soakers so that they are just right for you. She has generously shared her patterns and doesn't even mind if you sell them as long as you donate to a mama in need, so awesome. I made these with left over Christmas fleece, I started my extra soaker layer in the back and didn't make sure that it was straight in the front, so it looks a little wonky but works great. We use this one at night with my little guy. We trifold a infant prefold and use it as an extra soaker in a blue premium prefold, he hasn't ever woken up wet yet.
I made these for Grace even thought she has been potty trained for a long time. She likes her clothes to fit perfect and she is so tiny that it is hard to find clothes from a store that will fit her. These are the medium longies.
I am trying to find the time to upload all my pics of the diaper covers I have made to my photobucket account, so I will let you know when that gets done so you can go and take a peek. (cross your fingers and say a little prayer for me)
These are the wool sweaters that I found while out thrifting, now all I have to do is felt them a little bit and they will make great longies. The thing that is great about wool is it breathes, so babies can wear it even in summer and not get to hot. Cool, huh!
The blue one is 100% lambs wool and was brand new with the tags on, is a large, and cost $15. The other one is 100% wool, mens x-large and was $7. Totally a great deal considering how expensive it is to purchase some of the other wool covers out there.
I will be able to make longies out of the arms and a couple of pullup or wrap style covers with the bodies of the sweaters. Awesome deal!!

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