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For many of us with thyroid issues there is no one answer or magic bullet that can heal us. We have to piece together the puzzle. I am going to post links and small tidbits of info here to help those that are interested in healing.
Chlorine is a destructive halogen element. Fluorine, chlorine, and bromine are halogens that have an affinity for iodine receptors – they essentially deplete your body of iodine. Iodine is absolutely critical for thyroid health and an iodine deficiency will inhibit thyroid hormone production resulting in a low thyroid state.
Thyroid expert Dr. David Brownstein found that more than 96% of his 5000+ patients tested were iodine deficient. As a public nutritionist I saw huge numbers of people (especially women in their late 30′s, early 40′s) who were suffering from low energy due to hypothyroidism due to low iodine. I wrote quite a bit about the chlorine and fluoride problem in my recent book entitled, “How to Heal your Pineal Gland to facilitate Enlightenment optimize Melatonin and Live Longer (The Enlightenment App).” In addition to the halogen-avoiding strategies I talk about in the book I take 225mcg of supplemental potassium iodide every day.

After seeing Dr. Lee Aberle at Edgewater Natural Family Medicine and having a full thyroid panel done [something that the $800/hour endocrinologist never did] it was determine that my thyroid issues are autoimmune and that I most likely have a MTHFR mutation [which basically means I can not methalate B vitamins and that I can not convert thyroid hormones into the forms that I need them.

I started on Vessel Care and Thyrosol by Metagenics and feel like a whole new person. My husband even said to me one night at dinner [one of the first dinners I had cooked since becoming pregnant] that it was wonderful to have me back. I haven't felt this good since I can remember. I also have gone gluten free and no caffeine. I believe that this has helped me to heal the adrenal fatigue that I was feeling.

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  1. What kind of water do you guys have? I have been wanting to install a better water filtration system (we currently just have a Pur sink filter) due to my concerns about chloramine and flouride in our city water (Minneapolis). I was thinking of getting a reverse osmosis system but I am concerned about the restructuring of the water, the removal of minerals, and the water becoming to acidic. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Julie ~

      We have well water but recently put in a water softener to help the life of our appliances. I hate it. We special order potassium salt instead of the standard salt so that we are preserving our ground and plants.

      We add trace mineral drops back to our water that we drink. I know many people like a Berkeley water filtration system with the fluoride filter when they have city water.