Our Childhood Cancer Journey

August 2010,our second youngest son was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma liver cancer. He received mandatory by law chemotherapy along with holistic healing practices. After surgery to remove a small cantaloupe size tumor he underwent 12 schedule weeks of chemo in 13 weeks, without infection or extra hospital stays. He ran the nurses ragged every time we went for an inpatient hospital stay of chemotherapy. The week after Christmas he had his port taken out and was given the all clear at his 3 month scans with normal AFP numbers. In the coming months I hope to elaborate on the healing therapies that we utilized in hopes that the information may help another family who is facing the same situation we did.

The Words You Think You Will Never Hear - Your Son Has A Massive Liver Tumor

Kick'in Chemo Butt

Jairden Update

*another update and new pictures are in the works*