Farm, Garden, and Apiary

~Little Boy Blue Farm, Gardens and Apiary ~

{Originally, Purple Dancing Dahlias was my blog about my crafty endeavors and whole foods. It has slowly become a place to record our daily ups and downs with our small farm}

     Right now our farm consists of our family milk cows. Myra, a Scottish Highlander and her heifer calf, Mairi, and Caroline, a Jersey and her bull calf, Seamus. We have a Jerseyland bull named Ferdinand. Two cats, Daisy and Larry. One Blue Heeler/Catahooi mix cattle dog, Roscoe and one Border Collie/Basset hound, Tucker. At last count we have about 10 chickens and 8 ducks. We have 11 Icelandic Sheep and one Nubian goats named Milly. We have on order 24 laying hens, 50 broilers, and 6 turkeys.

~ Seed/Plant/Tree Companies ~
Heirloom Seeds
Dominion Seed House
Miller Nurserys
Baker's Creek

~ Gardening Ideas ~
Strawbale Gardening
$50 Greenhouse
Gardener's Supply Coympany - square foot gardening layout guide

Making Your Own Chicken Feed  - 3 Pea's Bird Farm
Farm Structure's/Plans
Will Winter's Rebuttal
Once A Day Milking