Gentle/Holistic Parenting

For our family, peaceful/holistic parenting encompasses a large topic range. What I would like to do with this page is to share what we do and how we live.

The main reason I share information is to help others become educated on these topics. My parenting has done a 180 from my first child to my fifth. I was about as mainstream as it gets with my first and now I am about as crunchy as it gets with my fifth. I try to operate under the motto of "When you know better you do better" Maya Angelou. The information I post and choices I make I feel are better than the alternative. It doesn't mean I think I am a better person. I believe most parents make choices for their children out of love but sometimes make choices without being fully informed on a subject. Most of the information listed here are links to articles and/or sites that I feel are good sources of information. For books on these subjects please see my page of book suggestions.

~ Whole Organic Foods ~ before, during, & after pregnancy for healthy baby
Conscious Conception: Foods for Fertility
Healing Our Children
Weston A. Price Foundation
Real Milk

~ Homebirth ~
Ina Mae Gaskin

~ Breastfeeding ~
Dr. Jack Newman
Dr. Jack Newman Article Index
Breastmilk Composition
If You Nurse Your Baby...
Herbal Remedies for Milk Supply
Breastmilk vs "formula food"

~ Intactivism ~ definition
Intact America
Three Part Series on Researching Circumcision

~ Co-Sleeping/Baby Wearing ~
Kangaroo Care
Why Human Babies Do Not and Should Not Sleep Alone
Baby Toting in 1963 video

~ Cloth Diapers ~
The Anatomy of a Disposable Diaper
Little Fire Crochet Soaker/Skirty Pattern
Little Fire Crochet Pants

~ BLW: Baby Led Weaning ~

~Vaccines ~
International Medical Council on Vaccination
National Vaccine Information Center
Vaccine Truth
Dr. Tenpenny on Vaccines
Disease and Vaccines - NVIC

~ Blog Roll ~
The Hippy Housewife
Dulce de leche
Gentle Christian Mothers
Code Name: Mama
Hobo Mama

~ Gentle Discipline/ Attachment Parenting ~
Is Spanking Biblical? (No)