Sunday, January 3, 2010

~ Hello!! ~

Four years ago we were like any other standard American family, eating and buying the cheapest food and household products we could get a hold of. I felt terrible most of the time, not ever sick, just terrible. I wasn't over weight and I loved fresh fruit and veggies so I had not even stop to think that this could be from all of the white flour and sugar we were shoveling into our sugar addicted bodies.

Then I got a hold of a book call The Makers Diet by Jordon Rubin. I am not sure why I even picked it up, I hate the word DIE-t, because they never work! I knew that you had to totally change the way you lived in order to make any changes last, but I read that book anyway. It was the start of something big, my husband likes to joke that I am now so far in the deep end that I am out of the pool.

When I was little we did the "health food thing", whole grains, food from scratch, earthy good for you things, but as we got older and my mom went to work we got out of the habit. I spent my entire senior year in the theater and had a deli-express burrito and a snapple almost every night for dinner. I have a BA in Agricultural Science, after my food science class I didn't think that I ever would want to eat again. Parts per million mouse in my breakfast cereal, I think I will stick to eggs thank you! Then you find out how those poor birds live and what they are being fed and you think, no more eggs, toast and jam. Then you enter the pesticide, herbicide, fungicide part of the class and find out that you are being poisoned everyday and you give up hope that you will ever find anything that you want to eat again.

Then with my first pregnancy, through an business opportunity, I started learn about all of the new breakthroughs in science with omega fatty acids and organics and as I started to change my diet and get rid of the refined foods I started to feel better. Just before baby number two arrived, my husband had to have foot surgery and didn't work for about eighteen months, so money was really tight and we went back to all our old "money" saving ways and I went back to feeling terrible. Things really got bad when my second son develop a vaccine injury after he was given his MMR and chicken pox vaccine at eighteen months. Hindsight is 20-20 and as I look back I could have made so many changes if only I was given the info, but with only medical doctors to turn to, none was there.

MDs don't get nutritional training or alternative medicine training in school, truly saddening. I miscarried just be for I read The Makers Diet and that's when I got thinking that things could really be different and it didn't take the latest and greatest pill to do it. I had wanted to have a home birth with my first son, but was talked out of it. I did have a totally natural, drug free birth with a nurse midwife in a hospital setting. Again, wanting to have a home birth with the second baby, but talked out of it. My third and fourth pregnancy I chose home birth. This is the way God meant it to be, letting your body take control and do what God designed it to do, free from procedure happy and germ infested hospitals, to be able to nurse your baby in your own bed.

By now we were eating better, we had cut out all of the refined white products from out diets, but this baby seemed to be a spitter, so we went to the chiropractor and that didn't help like it did with the first two babies. Anyway, through a lot of trial and error we finally discovered that she was allergic to corn, which is in everything, from modified corn/food starch to high fructose corn syrup. That started the revolution folks, it was what got me to were I am today, an organic eating, extended breastfeeding, cloth diapering, making all of our food from scratch, granola crunching mama. And you know what? We spend way less now, because we are eating foods that nourish our bodies and not just filling up on junk. That is why I love organic!

God so wonderfully and beautifully created this earth. I try everyday to slow down and revel in God's Blessing for me and to be able to share that with you makes it even more special. You may think that I am loopy, but if I am able to share one thing that makes your life better, then it's worth it!!


  1. Happy New Year !!!

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  2. Not sure if your post is 100% correct, I remember eating a healthy dinner with dad when you were away for practice. :-)