Saturday, January 23, 2010

~ New Followers!! ~

I never realized how exciting it is when a new person signs up to follow your blog! Not that my sister doesn't count, but she's family and she has to, lol! So a big hello to Michelle , Mindy and Anna! I haven't forgotten about the cloth grocery bags, it has just been really crazy here, I was gone yesterday from 10am until 9:30 last night, stopping in only to drop of groceries and nurse a baby before I had to go to a dinner meeting.

My wonderful hubby is building legs for my sewing tables that are currently on 2x4 brackets on the wall in my studio space. My "studio space" was the storage/furnace room before I took it over, but we have learned that you can't have four kids and no storage space, it just doesn't work. So, we will rearrange half the house again, that will make it the third time in 12 months, its almost as bad as moving, but I keep telling myself that once we get everything situated we won't have to move it again, ha! Tomorrow afternoon is full so it might not be till Monday before I get sewing again, I will keep you posted.


  1. Well thank you for the welcome! I main thing I noticed was that you use cloth diapers (among other similarities we have) and with our first baby on the way, we have bought ours and I am hoping to get some much needed tips from you and your blog! Have a great rest of your weekend!

  2. good luck on your rearranging. Even though it's a huge task, you just might find it rejuvenating and get the ball rolling again with sewing & cleaning out stuff.
    Where are you moving 'the studio'? I'd think you'd have room still for your sewing along with storage... maybe not.
    Yeah, you should post more about your diapers since people are finding you for this. And it'd help since you have done a lot of experiments and know which patterns works well.