Thursday, January 7, 2010

~ Pickup Day ~

Today is pickup day for our monthly order from Azure Standard. When I get back I will fill you in with all the details....

I'm back, I love pickup time, because I hate to shop. I can get almost everything I need for the whole month in one pickup and other than the fact that it was only five degrees today while we were getting out stuff off the truck, it was great.

Here's how it works, once a month you place an order from Azure Standard in Oregon and they ship your order to you by semi. Your drop point coordinator emails you with the pickup time and you go and meet the truck to get your stuff. They only ship as far as Minnesota by truck and just added a few more routes through the midwest. They do have certain products that they will ship UPS.

What kind of stuff do they have? They specialize in organic and sustainable food and health products. Go check out there site for more info, you have to create a new account to view the prices. How are the prices? Today I got 20 lbs of organic Fuji apples for $19.60, 2.5 lbs of whole wheat organic spaghetti for $5.25 and 4 lbs of organic Valencia Oranges for $4.40 plus tons of other great produce and whole food products.

Azure Standard has totally change the way we shop and saves us a ton of money. We still shop at our local Crow Wing County Food Coop for those items that are cost comparable and to support our local farming community. If you are looking for a great food at great prices than Azure Standard is for you!!!

To get your own copy of the Winter 2009/2010 catalog simple click on the picture to bring you to their
request page.


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