Monday, January 11, 2010

~ The Quest is On ~

I have started looking for my seeds for our garden and most of you will say, "already"? It has been on average below zero here in the north woods of Minnesota, what the heck are you looking at seeds for? I decided that this year I am going to get all heirloom seeds, because too many of the really great varieties of fruits and veggies are being forgotten for the newer hybrids. I don't like commercial hybrids, there is just something wrong with eating a food that can not reproduce on its own the way that God intended.

The other thing I love about heirlooms is how many varieties of everything there are.

Take eggplant for example, when you go to the store there is usually one kind there, the blackish-purplish tear shaped eggplant that has a somewhat funny texture in my opinion. When I went looking for heirloom eggplant seeds, there had to have been 15 to 20 varieties at the first place I looked at. Gorgeous eggplants, some with purple strips(the one to the left is Listada de Gandia Eggplant), some white and shaped like a ball, it was amazing. The only complaint I have now is I have too many to choose from. The growing season for heirlooms tends to be a bit longer so I am going to have to start all of them in the house, but I will have nice strong plants when I want to bring them outside. If you are planting a garden this coming spring, try out a new or should I say old variety of something, keep that heritage going.
Green Zebra Tomatoes, wouldn't these be fun!

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