Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~ Wool Diaper Covers ~

The only covers I like better than my fleece are the wool ones. There is just something about a natural fiber diaper cover. At The Diaper Hyena they have a cool article, "Diaper Covers, Why Wool's Cool" that explains the benefits of wool. While recently surfing the web I came across two new crochet patterns, both are awesome and super easy. The first is titled The Easiest Crochet Wool Soaker Pattern and it is. Two stitches throughout, a HDC in the back loop and a slip stitch, and super stretchy, you could even learn to crochet with this one. The other is the Little Fire Crochet Pants, you can make these into longies, shorties, a skirtie, and she has a wrap pattern as well. I have to get pics for you tomorrow, trying to take pictures with a flash at night doesn't give very good results.

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