Friday, November 12, 2010

~ Our Newest Family Member ~

Meet Duck
I know, not the most "normal" name for a pony considering all the ponies I have know have been Applebutter or Lolly, but the kids think it's great! She is about twelve years old and is more of a pet than livestock due to being an orphan. She wants to be around us every second we are at the barn.

Our farrier, Larry Curell (the best in the business around these parts) gave her to the kids. If you have horses that are in need of some hoof work, look him up (if you need a number, let me know).

We haven't been able to ride yet because it has been rather cold and windy. We have been cleaning up like crazy and still have a few more projects to get done out by the barn before the snow flies, hopefully we will get them done soon being it is November 12 (I really would like to know, where does the time go?)
Our other farm related "before winter comes" task tackled this week was getting the cow's hoofs trimmed. Steve, from Steve's Hooftrimming came out and he was great! Cows are a whole different ball game than horses. He has a tilt table for trimming which makes it safer for everyone involved and was very reasonably priced. I highly recommend him if your cattle need some work done on their feet.

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