Tuesday, December 14, 2010

~ A French Breakfast Part 2 ~

Success! We had a lovely breakfast of pink pastries, crumpets, and sourdough french toast with chai tea. The kids declined the carob addition and I admit, why mess with the prefect cup of chai we have seemed to mastered.
I used the Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry and Yogurt Dough recipes from Nourishing Traditions. Both recipes require you to soak your flour over night to get rid of the phytic acid in the flour. Instead of using plain cream cheese I mixed strawberries into mine.

I put my homemade yogurt in a cheese making bag and let the whey drain out of it. It was more like a greek yogurt after I added the strawberries (which I also drained the juice out of).
The Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastry dough was quite a bit stickier than it was suppose to be because of the extra moisture from the strawberries. It was more like a half soaked recipe by the time I added extra flour so I could roll it out but the pastries turned out perfect.
I rolled out my dough and brushed it with butter and then sprinkled it with just a touch of sugar, extra cinnamon and pecans. I rolled it up 1 1/2 turns and then cut my dough. Roll up another 1 1/2 turns and cut dough again. Roll up last third and cut into slices. Its hard to tell that they are pink, but they are, I promise. The Yogurt Dough is similar to pizza crust. I made little crumpet type buiscutts out of them and we split them and put butter and raw honey on them. It was all really good and rather fun to have pink food for breakfast, at least my daughter thought so!
I think this would be perfect for Valentine's Day. You could take and twist two pieces of dough together and make a heart shaped pretzel.


  1. Wow! That looks great! My 5 year old would go crazy for these! I saw a recipe for rainbow pancakes using different fruits and vegetables as food coloring. I bet I could do that with bread too.