Thursday, December 23, 2010

~ Merry Christmas ~

I know I am technically a few days early, but wanted to say Merry Christmas to all of my new followers and all of old followers. I have been linking to other whole food blogs this past month and have discovered quite a few new blogs with lots of yummy recipes and feel like I have made some wonderful connections with other moms who are on their own "food journeys".
It is also a bit exciting to see I have gained 6 new followers in the past two weeks. I did have 16 and couldn't figure out who left, but just realized it was my little sis. Get your butt back over here!
So, I have a favor to ask, it would make my year if I was at 25 followers by the time January 1 rolled around. I am planning to write a bit more about our homeschooling adventures and we may be having a new baby calf come February! Could you share my blog with someone you think would like it? My end goal is to make enough money with sponsors to put up new fence, fix the barn, start some u-pick fruit patches and have enough veggies started so that I can go to the farmers market next year and offer really good food at an affordable price. Maybe even be able to purchase another milk cow in the spring.
Ultimately, I would love our farm to be a place were people can come and learn what farming and gardening are all about, so that we can get away from our modernized food system and come back to our traditional roots.

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