Thursday, March 31, 2011

~ Last Days of the March of Kindness Month ~

26th ~ Ordered myself a bag of super dark chocolate covered cherries.

27th ~ Didn't feel very good so I stayed home from church but made my husband his lunch for work that night so he wouldn't be rushed when he got home.

28th ~ Snuggled in bed with my daughter and read her a giagantic stack of books. She only had to elbow me a couple of times to keep me awake.

29th ~ Set aside everything I had to do and spent the entire afternoon with my oldest. He's getting so big so fast.

30th ~ Took a big bag of cloth diapers I wasn't using anymore to a friend who's family is living on faith at the moment.

31st ~ My two years old helped me make carob cupcakes with chocolate g'nosh. He was covered from head to toe in sticky yumminess! My oldest turned 9 today! Happy Birthday Buddy!!

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