Friday, March 4, 2011

~ A Month of Kindness ~

Dionna at CodeName:Mama is hosting CodeName: Mama's March of Kindness. Will you join in with me and perform one random act of kindness every day in March? Blog about it or facebook about it. One little act every day. This is the first chance I have gotten to blog about it so here are the first 4 days. 1. Bought my daughter another dance outfit even though she didn't really need another one. It was $3 at the thrift store, it was purple velvet with embossed flowers. I just couldn't pass it up knowing the smile that it would bring to her face. She wore it for 48 hours straight before she changed. 2. When the kids weren't looking I shoo-ed my husband out the door to go work on the storage system he is making without kids after an especially loud morning. 3. Read my kids an extra chapter in each of the books we read at bedtime even though it was late, I was tired, and it had been a long day. They were really into the story and the look of pure enjoyment on their faces was priceless. I also bought my dad a tin of Arnica Sore Joint Rub that I happen to see at the co-op. After 30+ years of carpentary his hands and elbows are in rough shape. 4. Made my husband Blueberry Basil Roasted Chicken and Rice for his dinner this evening this morning. He works in the afternoons/night on the weekends so the mornings are the time I get to try and get lots done when I have help with the kids. The house is trashed but I know he has a really great dinner for tonight at work.


  1. What a cool idea! I love reading your little acts of kindness!

  2. We finished our current chapter book today at naptime, which may or may not have been an act of kindness since Kieran really needed a nap ;) I'm glad you are committing to kindness with us Megan!!

  3. So glad you're doing this, too. I'm going to check in on some of your other March of Kindness posts, too. Happy MOK!