Thursday, April 7, 2011

~ Easy Recycled Plant Tags ~

 In a house with four kids, three being boys, for long winter days keeping the house in one piece can be challenging. After one particular, wild, adventurous afternoon of play it was discovered that the blind in one of the bedrooms had a few broken slats and one of the strings to pull it up was lost "down the hole".  I wasn't really upset, with a Menard's rebate we paid a dollar a blind eight years ago and because we have such a moisture problem we can't have the blinds down anyway. Good thing we live in the country!

Because of said moisture issue, the blind had to come down. It moved from location to location for awhile. I just couldn't throw it away, it had to be good for something. Plant Labels!! I cut each slat in half length wise and then cut them to length I need to mark each cell. I use a permanent marker to write what kind of seeds were planted. Since they are plastic they won't rot and as long as I keep little fingers from pulling them all out I will know which tomatoes are which this year.

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  1. What a good idea. I don't even have my seeds planted/started yet. I am so late! If all of those are tomatoes, it looks like you love them as much as we do.