Saturday, April 2, 2011

~ The Homeschool Village ~

For all my homeschooling mommy friends out there I want to share with you a fabulous new blog that I found. The Homeschool Village. The organizational, OCD nerd in me has found a new love. She uses a system call workboxes. You can also use workstrips. Not only do they help the kids stay on tract but me too. My brain is swimming with the ways that they can help our house run smoother, now to just find the time to get it all done.

Right now Jolanthe is hosting The Homeschooling Village Gardening Challenge. You don't have to have a huge garden or even a blog to participate, a flower box or container will do! So, go check it out and link up. She also has some great gardening challenge preschool packs that are chalked full of fun!

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