Thursday, April 28, 2011

~ Gardens are Coming Along ~

While we haven't planted anything outside yet (it was snowing yesterday) we have been very busy getting everything ready. My seedling desperately need to be potted up to the next size. I have raked the leaves out of all established garden space. Some landscaping has been done, partly to make things look nicer, partly to keep the chickens out and cut done on the amount of grass that we have to mow. I hate mowing grass, I would rather pick weeds and water and get something for my effort. Hopefully it will warm up here and we can get to planting. I took lots of pictures just to show some of the things we have been doing. I think my yard is cleaner that my house, but oh well.
This was grass/yard last year (barely) but will be garden this year. It will be for herbs and edible flowers.

Left side of the picture above.

This is the garden by the side of the house. This was tomato territory last year but will be for melons this year. Another spot that used to be grass. The chickens have done a good job of turning the dirt for me.

The small garden behind the garage. We need to take out some trees so there is less shade. The strawberries are under the lattice so that the chickens won't eat them. Lettuce, peas, and other cold crops will go there this year once the chickens have left.

Flower boxes I built last year for the cucumbers. Revamped them a bit, put post in the corners to hold the fence and created space for growing vines. I don't know whether I will plant flowers or pole beans there yet.

Space at our house that is going to become garden instead of mowing grass. The fruit trees are planted at the edge of the yard in the back.

Big garden at the big house.

Flower garden at the big house.

Small garden at the big house.




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  1. How wonderful. I love all your space. Do you can or freeze any of your harvest?

  2. Last year we did quite a bit of lacto-fermenting and canned tomatoes. We froze some beans and carrots too. My parents have a root cellar so root veggies went down there.

  3. Wow, look at all that garden space, I am a bit jealous :)

  4. Wow, you have some amazing gardening space there! It's so brown now but I can't wait to see pictures next month, I bet EVERYTHING will be green!