Monday, May 30, 2011

~ Garden Progress ~

My camera is broken so I couldn't take pictures of the peas or any of my other seedlings. My mom rocked the house and planted the entire big garden by herself, the boys did help with the potatoes by dropping them in the holes. We don't have all of our garden space planted yet but we (I) am working on it little by little. Our major priority is finishing the fence around the pasture.


We don't know what this is. Any ideas?


Heartease or Jonhy Jump-ups

Plum Blossoms

Apple Blossoms




Newly fenced pasture that is finally GREEN


Bleeding Hearts

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  1. I'm so glad you are making progress in your garden. The pictures you posted here are lovely! I can't seem, for the life of me, to successfully grow rhubarb where we are. At our previous house it did just fine. Good luck with everything!

  2. Your garden is looking good and the flowers are beautiful!

  3. could that unnamed flower be allium ? but white... look it up, Grams has a purple one but maybe there are white ones