Monday, June 18, 2012

~ We Choose Virtues ~

In our house we try and be respectful to one another no matter the age. That means that everyones opintion matters. We definitely still have boundaries and my husband and I set the rules. If our children don't like one of our decisions we talk about it but that doesn't mean our answer is going to change any.

We focus on growing the fruits of the spirit and when I say "we", I mean kids and adults alike. When I saw the We Choose Virtues program I loved it because it would help not only the children of this household to develop character but the parents as well.

I have character issues just as much as my kids do. Impatiences, lack of self-control, not being gentle enough or having empathy for others in our household that may be having a bad day.

We Choose Virtues has been a great way to rally the troops and hold us all to the same level of awareness of our behavior. We love the Three Rules Poster and the poster that has all of the 12 Virtues on it. Best of all, the 12 Virtues poster is ONLY $14.99 and with the coupon code: POSTER35 you can get it for $9.74 PLUS FREE SHIPPING this month!

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