Thursday, February 13, 2014

~ Sprouted Garbanzo Bean Flour Flat Bread ~

I have this really bad habit of looking for a recipe for something, jotting it down in my notebook (usually with a color crayon or marker because I can never find a pen) failing to write down where I get the recipe from. Many times they are from a mass recipe site. I have gotten really good at swapping out fake food items for real foods and making a wholesome recipe.

We are gluten free around here and it has helped the whole family tremendously but the kids miss bread. I don't feel that replacing gluten containing items with their often overly starchy gluten free counterparts is a healthy option.

We have managed to come up with a really good flat bread recipe that everyone really likes and I feel good about serving. This was one of the recipes I quickly wrote down in my notebook but I manage to find its source again. I have made some changes to the original recipe.

Sprouted Garbanzo Bean Flour Flat Bread

1.5 c gluten free flour mix (we use one with the least amount of starches)
1.5 c sprouted garbanzo bean flour
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in hot water
1 cup of water
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 lg egg

few tbsp spoons of coconut flour depending on your dough

Mix all together. Your chia seeds will be your binder instead of the xanthan gum in the original recipe. Mix in enough coconut flour to bring it all together. I find it adding the water last will keep you from getting a dough that is too wet. The dough will be rather sticky. My hubby greased the counter and his hands with a liberal amount of coconut oil and didn't end up with "dough hands"

We found that using a hamburger press and a small ball of dough worked the best. Press until you have about a 6" circle or 1/4" thickness. Fry in a cast iron skillet in coconut oil until light brown if you want to keep and reheat later or if eating right away, fry until nicely brown.

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