Tuesday, February 11, 2014

~ Random Pictures ~

The hard drive on my computer is dying a slow death and then this week my camera went belly up. Back to using an older point and click kodak that the kids had been using. I am grateful for a back-up camera to use.

With the kids using it, that of course meant that there were at least 100 pictures of blurs, fingers...there were 153 to be exact. These are a few of the good ones. The last ones are some that I took last night.

 Two for one. Running through the sprinkler while watering pasture.
 My beloved boy. I had him for half my life.
 The calf in this picture is two now and ready to have her own calf any day.

 Our 7 month old bull calf Ferdinand. He is the same size as our 2 year old jersey.

 This girl is for sale.
 My dad. I was taking pictures last night, he posed for one too!

The longest she stood still other than nursing.

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