Sunday, June 15, 2014

~ Two Years and Twenty Minutes of Work ~

Why is it that the projects that take the least amount of time and effort take the longest to get done? It took us two years to get around to the twenty minute job of tearing down the old chicken coop. Now, granted we have been working on lots of other farm projects, but, twenty minutes ?? All of the kids helped so it may have taken Jake and I more than twenty minutes to get it all torn down two years ago when the kids weren't as big, who knows.

I don't have a before picture but it was a 8 x 12 building. Before it was moved to this location the roof and siding had been taken off of it. We covered the roof with a tarp and the sides with random pieces of press board and plywood to keep the items in it semi-dry. We cleaned out all the stuff, took down the tatter tarp and plywood last fall but never got the rest of the building down.

We kept all the solid wood and made a pile of the rotten/junk wood (the pile in the back of the picture). Feels good to have one more project done.

What is that one project that you keep putting off?

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