Tuesday, July 7, 2015

~ 1963 Winnebago Remodel Part 1 ~

This is what we started with. Not too bad! It had been made into a fish house so some of the cabinets had been ripped out. The original plan was to turn it into my little retreat space but I wanted be able to camp in it too!

It needed to be prettied up so we took out everything to paint. This is what we found. It had leaked around the lights and the water had settled by the window and ran down the wall.

It all had to come out. The one by fours around the window were rotten as well as the paneling. Grace wanted something to do so she was given a putty knife and scraped all the old caulk and weather stripping off the aluminum.

The aluminum trim was taken off so we could rebuild the frame.

The walls were rotten all the way up to the point of the curve as well as underneath the corners. The metal frame of the trailer was in great shape for its age. Jake replaced all the joists that were rotten and re-framed the walls.

Re-framed and ready to be put back together.

We couldn't find any plain birch paneling, "bamboo" was the closest we could get. It works out great with the finished look!

Stay tuned for part two! We are only half finished with it but it's on the sooner rather than later to-do list!

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  1. Nice work restoring the camper, I'm looking forward to more details and pictures in part 2. We have inherited an old camper that belonged to my husbands grandpa. I haven't even seen it yet but have plans to take good care of it and restoring if need be.