Saturday, February 20, 2010

~ H1N1 Hoax ~

I just got done listen to a great video on Dr.Mercola's site. You may have subscribe to his free newsletter to listen to the whole thing, but he has so much great info that if will be worth it. It is about a half hour long, but totally worth listening to. Here is some of what the video highlights. There is an investigation being done on whether or not the big pharmaceutical companies pressured the WHO into declaring a worldwide pandemic so they could manufacture vaccines. 80% of the US population did not want a H1N1 vaccine leaving 130 million doses unused, a huge waste of US tax dollars. European countries also have huge surpluses of vaccine left and the pharmaceutical companies are refusing to refund the money these countries spent on them, countries that bought them only because the WHO declared a worldwide pandemic. Some scary stats:
  • In the '80's autism spectrum disorders were 1 in 10,000
  • In the '90's they were 1 in 2,500
  • Today they are 1 in 100
Vaccines given have tripled since the '80's, children now receive 69 doses from birth to eighteen years of age of 16 different vaccines, some receiving up to 8 vaccines in one day.
Scarier yet there are 200 new vaccines in the works with over 2,000 clinical trials worldwide. It is hard to believe that there is no correlation between vaccines and autism. In 1986 when legislation was past to compensate families who's children had been injured by vaccine the pharmaceutical companies told the US government that if they were not allowed liability protection they would leave the US without any vaccines. If the pharmaceutical companies have no liability for what they produce they have no reason to make vaccines safer or improve what they manufacture. Bottom line, before you get your kids or yourself vaccinated, educate yourself, beyond your doctor, who basically knows only what the CDC is telling them. Very few doctors do any research on their own, especially if they belong to a large practice.

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