Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~ Heirloom Seeds ~

I have started to work on my seed order for this year, my first year really. I am ordering all heirloom seeds, GMO's are poison to our earth and if we are not careful we are going to be in serious trouble. GMO's are man made invasive species, the are no different than sea lampreys in the Great Lakes or milfoil here in Minnesota. I don't like hybrids that are man made because they do not reliably produce offspring that will have all the same qualities as the parent plant. Plants with cross pollinate in nature and create a hybrid but most of the time the new seeds don't germinate the next year. So many of our heirloom plants will be lost if we don't take care and preserve the seeds for generations so come. This picture is of a Scarlet Runners Pole Bean, a climbing bean with bright red flowers on it, a perfect species for someone with limited garden space, gorgeous flowers with food producing capabilities.

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