Friday, February 12, 2010

~ Baby Reflux ~

I am past this stage with my kiddos but found the very valuable site for moms with new babies. Pollywog Baby. They offer information and products for babies that deal with colic, spitting up, and fussiness due to what might be acid reflux. In today's culture we are a "magic pill" fixes everything kind of people. I abhor medications and money grubbing pharmaceutical companies, mostly because God's gave us self healing bodies and it is up to us to give our bodies what they need to heal themselves, not poison them with the latest and greatest drugs.
With my last two babies I didn't eat any dairy, corn, or wheat for the first six months. It was a very limited diet but my babies were very happy and that is all that counts in my book. Breast milk is the best thing on earth that you can give your baby and no formula out there even comes close to it. Formula essentially is a dead food, it contains no live enzymes or antibodies. Here is a great article about breastmilk, the different stages and composition as it changes to meet the needs of your baby. If you are going to be nursing soon or are struggling to do so now, please reach out to friends that have been successful, to the LaLeche League, an ND specializing in infants and children, don't give up. This is one of the most important decisions that you can make for your baby. I know doctors will tell you that formula is just as good but its not and it is helpful to keep in mind that they get payed by pharmaceutical companies to tell you that (maybe not with a direct paycheck, but the door goes 'round).
The first part of this article talks about the negative health effects of soy formula on babies, please read, I can personally attest to this as my second son was put on soy formula by uniformed doctors and now we are dealing with most of these issue along with toxic vaccine effect. From Dr.Mecola's site, here are some great articles on formula if you have to use one, it's a long list but well worth reading. There are other options out there other than the commerical formulas on the secular market, I wish I had know about them six years ago, maybe life would have been better for my big guy today. I am still nursing my fifteen months old and it is a true joy, knowing that I am giving him the best start to life that there is.

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