Monday, February 8, 2010

~ The Dangers of Vaccines ~

 My second and fourth sons are victims of toxic vaccine autism or toxin vaccine effect, but we are well on our way to recovery. My second son got the full rounds of vaccines and my fourth son was to get a selective vaccination schedule but after only one shot as a two month old has had no more.
The reason that boys are more likely to develop autism is that mercury binds to testosterone 5 times more than estrogen. "But", you say " they took all the mercury out of vaccines" No my friend, they didn't, there is still a full dose of mercury in the flu shot and the tetanus shot and they simply replaced mercury with other heavy metals. Here is a link with all the toxic additives that go into vaccines.
About 25 years ago they took all of these additives out of animal vaccines because pet and livestock we experiencing brain damage and death after being vaccinated. It is sad to think that we would take more considerations for out animals than we do for our own kids.
When the medical community says that vaccines have been extensively study, that is a lie. They have studied 2 out of the 36 vaccines and only 1 out of the 35 EPA noted toxins (like mercury), that doesn't seem to qualify as extensive to me. I hope to have the time to write our our full story soon.

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