Thursday, April 8, 2010

~ Going Shampoo Free ~

Have you ever looked at the back of your shampoo bottle? It is full of chemicals, most of those chemicals are toxic and carcinogenic. Now, did you know that you don't have to use shampoo? Or conditioner?

Regular shampoos use lathering agents that strip all the oil out of your hair and off your scalp. The result is a super dry scalp that freaks our and produces way more oil than needed, thus giving you the impression that you have really oily hair. Nartual shampoos can be quite expensive and most will still strip the oils from your hair.

So what's a girl to do?

 About three weeks ago I went no 'poo. Partly because we ran out of shampoo and mostly because I did want to spend $8.99 of a bottle of shampoo. I have been massaging my hair and scalp with baking soda mixed with water about twice a week. Some people do a vinegar rinse to balance the pH but I haven't remember the vinegar and haven't have any problems. There will be an adjustment period were your hair is super greasy because it is so use to over producing. If you can stick it out long enough to get past the really greasy part, you will be rewarding with glossy, managable, heathly hair, you won't be exposing yourself to harmful chemicals everytime you wash your hair and you will save money.

  Shampoo Free

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  1. I might have to try that. I have been wanting to use something different but couldn't think of anything...