Thursday, December 2, 2010

~ Our Newest Additions ~

While waiting for our chickens to lay eggs, we have been getting some from friends. Sherri called me last week saying that they were moving and didn't have a place for all the chickens and asked if we wanted them, she just wanted a dozen eggs a week in return.
I said sure! What a sweet deal! I'm not really sure I thought this one through. We have 25 hens of our own and just added another 19. That means when they are all laying we will be getting 44 eggs A DAY. Holy Moly! As of tomorrow morning I will have almost two dozen eggs in my fridge. (four of our hens are laying)
I am going to look at this in a positive light, we can all eat as many eggs as we want in one sitting and we will have plenty to sell or share. I wonder if the food shelf can take eggs? I will definitely check on that one.

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