Saturday, January 22, 2011

~ The Good, The Bad, & the Ugly ~

The Good: I can salvage just about anything when it comes to cooking. Even with huge screw-ups, I always seem to be able to manage to turn it into something that tastes good.
The Bad: Common sense says that I have screwed up a lot and had lots of practice making something from nothing.
The Ugly: There is really only one thing I can remember throwing in the garbage, more out of fustration I think than anything else. I tried making sloppyjoes under-the-bun. It called for Bisquic which isn't allowed in my home, so I made corn bread and put that on top of my sloppyjoe meat. Big time fail! I used way to small of a pan and after 1 1/2 of cooking it still wasn't done. My husband was still going to eat it, his reasoning, "I'm hungry". Seriouly dude, you are not eating that half cooked pan of slop.
Well, I did it again this morning. I started making sourdough last night with the intent of having 5 french loaves ready for breakfast in the morning. It must have been cold in the house (imagine that with the average temp for the last few days in the -20) because it took forever to rise. So long, in fact that I completely forgot about it and went to bed. My nice round loaf of dough that I put in the oven to rise was no longer my nice ball of dough but a bowl of goo by morning.
I still managed so get 6 loaves of sourdough french bread and 2 loaves of raisin cinnamon bread. It took a lot of extra flour and patiences. On a sad note, my sourdough aquire some extra cultures somewhere in the past few days and started to grow some where orange stuff so I tossed it. I was thinking about going grain free for awhile anyway so maybe this is just the push I needed.

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