Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~ Grain Free Pizza Crust ~

I made the grain free pizza crust from The Healthy Home Economist and it was so good. I made a double batch and it fed all six of us with half a pizza left over.
The only changes I made were instead of the individual spices I used Bragg's No Salt Seasoning because I was in a hurry. This was really good and a thumbs up with the kids. We will be making this again, most likely replacing our regular whole wheat flour crust.


  1. Hey Megan :) Your pizza looks delicious! I want to make a pizza crust that Griffin can eat, but he can't have dairy. Can you think of anything that would make a good replacement for the parmesan cheese? He can't have corn or soy so a dairy free cheese wouldn't work either.

  2. hmmm...basically it is a binder and adds some flavor, I'm going to have to think on that one. I wonder if you couldn't add an extra egg and some rice flour to add some body to the dough.

    I was going to ask you what brand of xanthum gum you use. All of the info I have found has stated that it is cultured in either corn, soy, whey, or wheat based growth medium.

  3. I've started using guar gum instead of xanthan gum b/c Griffin had a reaction to corn just recently. I was using NOW Foods xanthan gum. I like their brand and they generally have less expensive products.

    Maybe I'll play around with it a bit. I like your idea of the extra egg and rice flour. I bet that would work well.

    I have a recipe for pizza crust that he can eat, but it is basically a giant cracker. It's good but super crunchy, not at all like a pizza crust texture.

    Thanks! :)

  4. Food gets so frustrating sometimes, all the sneaky things that go on. I am tired of thinking something is safe and then it is totally not!

    I have been using arrowroot powder lately for cookies and it has worked out pretty well. Azure had coconut flour on sale this month so I order a case of it. Can't wait to make the honey bread recipe I have. Its suppose to be similar in consistency to pound cake.