Friday, March 11, 2011

~ March of Kindness - March 10 & 11 ~

March 10 - I took my kids and my niece to play in the gym at the local community center. We have a "gym bin" full of activities(bowling set, kids size basketballs, tennis balls, mini soccer set)only for the gym. Story hour got out right as we were getting ready to leave and the majority of the kids came in the gym to play. The gym bin was a huge hit so we stayed an extra 15 minutes. I had been up with Jairden at least 12 times the night before and really, really wanted lunch and a nap but watching all those kids having a blast brought a smile to my face. I felt really bad having to pack up and go but I think the other mom's were relieved because they were ready for lunch and a nap too! March 11 - Told my mom I loved her and appreciated all the thoughtful things she does for me.


  1. You are so sweet! I usually end up being thankful when I watch another mama's kids, simply because they all play together and often make my life easier :)

  2. A helpful mother is a treasure. That's really nice about your gym experience. :)