Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~ Wild Rice Burgers ~

Despite my best efforts, I don't often get dinner together all at the same time especially the nights that Jake works. I get the main course done, then remember that I didn't make any veggies, get milk poured half way through supper, and yes, we can still have mangos, yogurt and granola for dessert (mustn't forget the important things).

These have become a favorite around here, even the little ones will eat them. They are super easy and since I had dinner on the table all at the same time I though I would share. Check out my post on lacto-fermented ketchup to go with these yummy burgers.

Main Course : Wild Rice Burgers
2 cups cooked wild rice
1 lb free range/organic ground meat, beef or venison
1/2 cup raw cheddar cheese
2 large free range eggs
2 tsp organic curry powder
1 tsp sea or Himalayan salt
dash of organic black pepper

Mix together in no particular order, if you don't want to use your hands a potato masher works great. I use a cast iron skillet to fry in (no Teflon, will leave that for another post), a little coconut oil in the bottom, cook for about 4 minutes a side, until they are nicely browned.

We use sprouted hamburger buns, lettuce & tomatoes, and homemade pickles for garnish. Last night I got 6 half pound patties and 2 quarter pound patties for the little ones. You can leave out the meat if you wish, they are just as good. Add 1/3 cup of crushed cracker to your pattie mix and then before you fry them coat each side with more cracker crumbs, cook until brown. These would also be wonderful served on a bed of lettuce if are gluten intolerant.

Veggies : Fresh Garden Asparagus & Simple Coleslaw This is the first year we have been able to pick asparagus, Zach was so excited. Steam crisp with a generous dollop of real butter. I shredded an small head of cabbage, added some shredded carrots and sliced almonds, made a batch of Russian dressing with the homemade mayo, little salt and pepper, it was yummy.

I also made a bag of organic tator tots (gag) but the kids really like them and now there is only one bag left and then there will be no more (yah!!) Next time I will make a pan of oven roasted potatoes with garlic, fresh chives, and onion.

To drink, a tall glass of raw whole milk we get fresh from a local farm or our cow when I am milking her. Yogurt and granola are pretty standard fair for dessert around here, one kid doesn't like yogurt or mango so he has just milk and granola. I have been known, on occasion, to buy a box of organic icecream sandwhiches, but even then they have to spilt it in fourths and we don't call it a treat. We call fresh fruit and veggies a treat around here. I refuse to set up my kids to think that anything sugar based is a "treat" when in reality it is harming their bodies and minds. We often discuss the chapter in Little House on the Prairie where Mary and Laura receive an orange for Christmas and why that was such a big deal. What do you consider a treat in your house? And what are you teaching your kids about the impact of food choices on their health and well being? This post is shared at:


  1. I refuse to let them think sugar is a treat - I need to get better about this. I make all our treats - a lot of them sugar free - but haven't thought to call yogurt and granola one....
    I'll have to start slipping this in!

  2. It really is tricky to teach our kids this when the whole world is yelling sweeter is better!

  3. I love that chapter about the fruit for Christmas. Apples were very hard to come by where I grew up, so I understood how Laura and Mary felt.