Saturday, May 14, 2011

~ Asparagus ~

Last year I order asparagus seeds but never planted them because we just ran out of time. Most people order asparagus crowns but it still takes at least three years till you can harvest. With the seeds it takes an extra year but the yield is suppose to be greater. We will see. This particular variety is a heirloom Martha Washington. The asparagus shoots are small and tender. Lightly steamed and topped with lots of grass-fed butter and fresh lemon juice, hmmm...

We planted the seedlings 6 inches deep 12 inches apart. Hubby tilled a new spot for them. The ground had some top soil but we have lots of sand so we tilled in lots of compost. We covered the whole patch with deer off netting to keep the critters out. So far they look good. Hopefully the time will fly by and we will be eating and freezing fresh asparagus in no time.

I ordered my seeds from Baker's Creek. There was supposed to be 75 seeds in the package but there were at least double that. We have 90 seedlings in the patch and another 90 to find a home for. 

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  1. I planted a "row" of asparagus for the last 3 years that I started from seeds. I hope to get some harvest from row # 1 this year.