Monday, May 2, 2011

~ May 1st ~

I wish I had more hours in the day, but then don't we all. I had a really great time (what little it was) participating in the Natural Parenting Blog Party hosted by The Peaceful Housewife. I only got to write one little post on co-sleeping and so far have only made it to a few blogs but I am going to keep plodding along, visiting the blogs on the linky list with the few moments that I get here and there.

I had every intention to write a post on gentle christian discipline. I didn't get it done, life has just been too busy and with the return of warm weather equals even less inside time. For those who asked, this is my all time favorite article of gentle christian discipline, Is Spanking Biblical? (NO!) at Parenting Freedom. It is long but indepth. I also love reading Dulce de Leche and The Hippie Housewife. The both offer such great reminders and write about gentle discipline in such a graceful way. Another great blog that I found during the party is Hybrid Rasta Mama.

I wanted to write a post for National Spank Out Day but will instead link to Jennifer's {Hybrid Rasta Mama} because it is so good.

I am trying to outline a schedule that will allow me to write about the topics I love to talk about while maintaining balance in our family's life. I have several new recipes to share too!

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  1. thanks for saying hello on my site today. Achieving that balance and writing about things before they've whizzed past is a real challenge! I find a kind of diary can help but I still hear about things way too late ;)