Sunday, April 29, 2012

~ The Best Poultry Book ~

The Small - Scale Poultry Flock by Harvey Ussery has got to be the best poultry book I have read to date. He covers everything, from beginning to end. Well worth the money I spent to purchase it.

I absolutely love the chapter on 'Manure Management in the Poultry House: The Joys of Deep Litter. Imagine, to my surprise, that there is a way to control manure without every having to clean out the chicken coop and the birds are healthier for it. I have read the chapter several times and as soon as we are done with all the fencing (which, fingers crossed will be tomorrow afternoon) will be implementing this with our current coop.

I wish I could say that I have a copy to give away, but I don't. My library didn't have the book but I am going to put it on the request list and see if they will get it. It's just that good!

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  1. Looks like a winner. We're battling with scaly leg mite here and i'm learning lots reading about how to manage and prevent!

    rachel x

    1. He recommends using red or yellow cedar chips in the nesting boxes and to fight an infestation a liberal coat of diatomaceous earth has worked well for him (it has worked will for us as well, along with spraying all the boxes with apple cider vinegar/essential cedar oil mix).

      For infestations, he mixes mineral oil, vaseline, tea tree oil or oil of oregano and scrubs the shanks vigorously for a few days. I personally can not stand mineral oil or vaseline, but would use coconut oil.

      Hope that helps!

  2. I bought this book too and am about half way through, it has some great ideas, although some are more applicable to a snowy winter (which we don't have), I'm looking forward to finishing the book and trying some of the idea. I'm glad I bought it, as its one of those books that you want to refer back to often.