Sunday, June 17, 2012

~ Barn Renovation: Clean Up ~

My lack of posting has been due to the fun that has been going on lately. Gardens are mostly in (now to solve the major pest problems). We have the major project of renovating the barn up next on the big list. Step one has been cleaning up around the barn so that we have the room to work and getting up the last fence that needed to go up.
There was two trailers sitting on either side of the propane tank. We moved them before I thought to take pictures.

Setting the gate post for the last section of  fence.

Wash rack, hitching post, pallets, water tanks, barrels, stuff that needed to be cleaned up and moved.

Clean and tidy, with lots of room to work.

Last section of fence, joins the fence in the second picture. There is a 14 foot gate that  lets us in with hay wagons and livestock trailers and we are able to drive all the way around the barn.

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