Sunday, June 17, 2012

~ Goals ~

One of the beauties we picked last year.
  • Picking at least 50 lbs of strawberries. Last year we picked 52 lbs and that was just for eating, I didn't get to make jam out of any of them. I would like to pick 75 lbs if we can.
  • I also figured out that we went through about 120 lbs of blueberries last year. The place that I had thought we would be picking at had all of their plants freeze last year. I had wanted to be able to put at least 60  lbs in the freezer but first I have to find a place to pick.
  • Finding a no-spray apple orchard to pick at. We go through an incredible amount of apples for eating, I would love to make some apple jelly and butter, pie filling, apple sauce, and apple crisp filling.

  • I am wanting to get all of our school supplies ready for next year. I have most of our curriculum but need to get it organized. 
  • Our school room needs some tweaking and we need to have a better schedule for the library and our homeschool co-op.

  • Need to find a bull to breed our cows, otherwise they are just really expensive pets.
  • Deciding if we are going to put up more fence. We really need to find some help to do this as just one side of the project is over 500' long. Any takers? 
  • Crunching the numbers to see how much hay ($$) it is going to take to get us through the winter.
  • Making the final decision of how many broilers we are going to raise this year.

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