Friday, January 4, 2013

~ Raised Bed Hoop House ~

I do not know where I found this picture. I came across it on facebook I'm sure. This would be a great way to grow melons in Minnesota or any other zone with a short growing season. You would be able to throw plastic or fleece over the hoops to protect them when the nights get chilly but the days are still nice and warm.

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  1. Hi! I came here from Raising Homemakers. We haven't built hoops for our garden yet, but I want to try this: *See "Attach Pipe" and "Insert the Hoops." The hoop pieces can then slide into (and out of, as needed) the bigger pvc. If I can get our bees to leave me alone, I will get my hands dirty today! :o)

    Thank you for living your dreams, and for showing ouhers how you're doing it!