Wednesday, January 5, 2011

~ How to Make Homemade Jerky Using Ground Meat ~

I made this jerky using an older ground venison roast we had in the freezer. It was a four pound roast and I made four different kinds of jerky with it. The kids and hubby ate it all in less than three weeks. I made this in my Excalibur dehydrator but you could do it in the oven as well. I am giving the instructions to do just one pound of meat. This recipe is totally chemical free, no nitrate, nitrites, or MSG. Our meat grinder is one of the best investments in kitchen gadgets we have made. It allows us to process our own meat which saves us a ton of money. Ingredients:

1 lb ground venison or pasture raised ground beef or chicken

1 tbsp organic coconut amino acids

1 tsp Bragg's no salt seasoning

1/4 tsp white pepper

Mix really well. There are two ways that we make jerky from ground meat, with a jerky gun or a patty maker. Either way you want about a 1/4 thickness of meat. I used the jerky gun and squeezed the meat right onto my trays. I set the temperature at 155 for 4 to 6 hours. After four hours watch them, you want them to bend but not break. All set for the dehydrator. When they were finished I took my kitchen shears and cut them into thirds.If you have metal dehydrator racks you can do this in your oven as well. A convection oven works best because it moves the air around. Set your oven at 155 and leave the door ajar slightly so that the moisture can escape.

These made an awesome breakfast stick as they tasted like breakfast sausage from the rosemary and sage in the no salt seasoning. It keeps best in the freezer but we eat it so fast that it doesn't get into the freezer. If fact, they ate it so fast that I didn't even get a picture of the finished product. Also, using the coconut aminos instead of soy sauce gave them a sweet and salty taste, which the kids really loved.

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  1. We made jerky last winter from the deer my husband shot, no deer this year so no jerky. However, I believe your recipe is a little more natural than the one we used. I will save it for next year, just in case we have venison to make into jerky.


  2. OMGosh, I'm so excited to see this! My hubby will now be making jerky! Thanks for the tutorial :)

  3. I just got a dehydrator a couple of months ago and have been wanting to make jerky. I am going to do this tomorrow! Thanks for sharing. BTW those are some cool kitchen gadgets!

  4. Oh! I hope to try this soon!

  5. How do you kill the bacteria after you dehydrate the meat? It has to reach 170 degrees for the bacteria to be killed.

  6. Freezing for 60 days before making the jerky will kill off most bacteria before you even put it in the dehydrator. Also the bacteria needs moisture to survive so by dehydrating the meat you take care of that aspect of it also.

  7. Anonymous #1, the answer to your question is the information that Anonymous #2 gave. Thank you Anonymous #2 for answering. We also keep a large portion of jerky in the freezer after dehydrating and the bag we are munching out of stays in the fridge.

    {if by chance anonymous #1 is the same person as anonymous #2, thank you for coming back to provide an answer, I am sorry I didn't get to it sooner}