Thursday, January 6, 2011

~ My Baby Girl is Four! ~

My baby girl turned four today. My, does time fly. As she was eating breakfast I said to her "How did you get so big? It was just yesterday you were a little baby". Her response "No! yesterday I was three". Grace was my first planned homebirth which I wrote about here. The one thing that I would do differently is let my water break on its own. There aren't enough words to describe how different homebirths are compared to hospital births. I can't ever imagine going back to the hospital to give birth (unless a true emergency were to happen). My sister made this absolutely adorable apron for her and sent her some felt food from Ikea. She loved it. It was her favorite gift! Thanks Auntie Lexie!!

I wrote this post on the 6th but waited to post it because I knew my sister was most likely sending something really fun and I wanted to share.

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